Local Ammo Update (and UPDATED)

UPDATE: Loudoun Guns has a wide selection of firearms, including ARs and AKs, and at least one FAL, as well as the usual run of bolt-actions and shotguns. I was amazed. They said that sales are very brisk but their distributor has been good to them. Indeed! They also have cases of 45 ACP, running about 50 cents a round. Not great but not bad either, considering. I didn’t see any shotgun or rifle ammo but I didn’t look for it. I did see some 45 and 40 hollow-points, but not much. Oh, and a large box of new Gen3 PMags, $40 a piece, and GI AR mags for about $30 a piece, I think.

The next installment of the ongoing series…

Found myself in Leesburg with a few free minutes and decided to step into the Walmart to see what was on the shelves. Short answer– not much. I did not see ANY rifle or pistol ammunition, only a few boxes of .410, a little 12ga, maybe a case altogether, and several cases’ worth of 20ga. (Attention: Oxidized William!) The 12 and 20 were all 7 1/2, 8 and 9 shot. I didn’t buy any.

I’m going to visit Loudoun Guns later today when I’m back over that way and see what they have. I haven’t been in there since the demand wave rolled in.


  1. dnice says:

    I just got my permit in NJ. I'll give a sitrep soon as well. I had been going to the range with my father in law (former Coastie and police officer) but wanted my own so i don't have to waste his ammo and dirty his weapons.

    Are foreign weapons the way to go now (starting out with handgun even though having been in Army an AR-15 like weapon would feel more comfortable)?

    • LTCOL P says:


      I think your problem where you live, no offense intended of course. You might want to look at simpler guns that don't excite the cupidity of the authorities in the Garden State– the old 30-30 lever action or a pump-action 12-gauge, an M1 Garand or any of its counterparts like the Enfield 303, the Mauser K98k, or the Mosin-Nagant.

  2. Rusty Bill says:

    Leesburg, eh? I'll just pop in after work… :)