Farnam’s SpotRep on Ammo

Just got this is by email; Mr Farnam reports from Texas during a spot check on ammo availability. I don’t think his experience is out of the ordinary. Seek out local alternatives as best you can. Read and heed!

8 Mar 13


I stopped at a big Cabela’s south of Austin, TX this afternoon.

Here is what I found:

No 223, 308, 9mm, 40S&W, 38Spl, 357Mg, 22LR ammunition anywhere in the
store. No high-performance, nor hardball.

Some 30-06, some 30-Carbine Gold-Dot, some 7.62x54R (Soviet equivalent of
the 308), Some 45ACP Gold-Dot, three 20-round boxes of 7.62×39

Lots of 410 00Bk and 000Bk, no 12ga Bk (any size), two 5-round boxes of
12ga Slugs. BB Shot was otherwise the largest size 12ga shot available.

Two new Glocks had just arrived, a G17 and a G22. I asked the clerk if
they would be sold by the end of the day. He indicated they would be sold be
the end of the hour. I watched. Sure enough, they were! In addition, he
had three M&Ps, and two XDs. I’m sure they too are all long-gone by now.

No new SIGs, but several used ones. No Kahrs. Ten new DA revolvers in
38Spl, S&W, Ruger, and Rossi. Good supply of SA revolvers.

No ARs, any brand. No M1As, PTRs, XCRs, 556s, SCARs, Mini-14s, et al.
And, no magazines for any of them, except as noted below.

There was a ample supply of plastic, 30-round AR magazines, by a company
called “Syntec,” at $25.00/copy. They might be just fine, but I didn’t buy

Double-barrel shotguns were in good supply. It seems our vice-president
has failed to set a “trend!”

Clerks told me the ammunition situation has improved ever so slightly over
the past few weeks, but it obviously hasn’t been much!

I don’t see any real relief any time soon. We’re all going to have to
make do with what we have, training as we can.


  1. ETP0802 says:

    I live about 15 miles from that Cabela's. Only been in it once, but it is *huge*.

    Would love to see a reporter actually start digging in to the shortages. Usually, if demand goes up, the suppliers make more. Maybe the production capacity isn't there, maybe something else is going on. Would sure like to know.

    • LTCOL P says:

      Manufacturers were running pretty much at full capacity because of the 2012 elections, and had been running close to that since 2008; I don't know how much capacity got added in those years. Even with added capacity I think it was well nigh impossible for them to ramp up much more.

    • Curly says:

      I watched the local Gander Mountain and I can say that before the election they had plenty of ammo. Then Sandy Hook shooting happened and so did the talk of gun control. Both guns and ammo vanished almost over night.

      I ask the store clerk when they expected any guns and ammo in and he said that Thursday is delivery day and he has been having 20 or 30 people waiting on the store to open each Thursday just to buy the guns or ammo. In addition he said it will take about a year to rebuild stock to where it was before.