The Good News Keeps Rolling Right Along

H E R E.

I hope our future adversaries go easy on us.


  1. R. Hollander says:

    Elections have consequences. Social engineering and grievance politics have risen to new heights, and will undermine what used to be important – combat readiness, unit/service identity (and submission to that), and putting your own interests last. I pity the LCpl who has a gay NCO writing his pro/cons.

    If that LCpl doesn't go to the annual (and probably mandated) gay sensitivity training, his pro/cons will no doubt be lowered. Just human nature to use position of authority in that manner. That LCpl might be a great Marine rifleman and future fire team/squad/section leader, but will never be promoted because of a defacto gay appoval litmus test. Won't matter if the Marine or American soldier is tactically and technically proficient. What will matter is if he supports the gay agenda.

    As sure as the sun rises, the institutional identities of the Marines and Army will change. There will be dead Marines and soldiers as a result of failing to promote capable combat leaders. The politcally correct will survive and prosper. There are now 0311 Sgts/Cpls with multiple combat tours, but they can't re-enlist because of limited boat spaces. Some gay dude (who was discharged due to his proclivities) can now apply for re-enlistment and just might get that boat space. With the downsizing now taking place, this is weird.

    Gays knew the policy before entering the military, but broke it and are now rewarded.

  2. MajW says:

    DOMA…. The destruction of which is the holy grail for every progressive out there. where's the catholic church, the southern baptist convention, etc, etc, etc on this issue?? Has big religion rolled over that easily?

    • Lt Col P says:

      I think the major denominations, as represented in the Chaplain Corps, have been fighting back strenuously, with the possible exception of the Episcopalians (?), but have gotten nowhere. This, and initiatives like it, have enormous implications. I think one of the ultimate goals is to strip chaplains out of the military.

      • MajW says:

        Stripping Chaplains out of the service???…. That's a novel idea – a playbook on how to do that might be to follow the models Stalin, Hitler, and some of their other friends built.

        I wish big religion would be more publicly vocal on this – obviously the average Joe cant get the word out – they are the only one with the heft and means to make this a public debate.

        This is bad news in the extreme.

    • DaveO says:

      You may want to review the rules and regs for Chaplains that have been in place for a while. There're even special groups actively seeking the removal of all chaplains, and all practice of the philosophies nurtured by Christian values, such as mercy.