Targeted Killings of American Citizens

URR eviscerates the Justice Department memo on killing American citizens.

This Justice Department Memo represents another, very dangerous precedent.  That of the closed deliberations of a Government star chamber replacing the legal processes and requirements for charging American citizens with treason under Article III of our Constitution.

It’s worth the whole read, and a re-read.


  1. DaveO says:

    Elections have consequences. I'm sure Code Pink will register their objection any day now.

    • Lt Col P says:

      Yep. Any day now… A-F-D… Still waiting…

      • DaveO says:

        Interesting to note the differences between Jose Padilla, and any American any where at any time since that memo was drafted.

        I wonder how many of the then-college age foot soldiers of the Peace Movement are aware enough to notice the about-face by their leaders?

        If G-d has a sense of humor, the Nobel Peace Prize committee invested their bribe money in Solyndra.