Hagel Gets the Nod

On the second try.

What’s the consensus on this guy?


  1. ETP0802 says:

    He does not strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed.

    And if ever we needed a sharp tool in the Pentagon, it's now.

  2. DaveO says:

    Personnel Is Policy:

    I expect to see more US military technology in the hands of Iran, its proxies, and the Taliban. All in the name of Politically Correct anti-Zionism.

    Someone ought to tattoo a map from the A-Ring entrance to his E-Ring office on the back of his hand. For that matter someone best give him a map to his executive toilet. At his age, it's not called Vapor Lock, it's Alzheimer's.

  3. The Other Dave says:

    This hearing shows that he can't handle congress during a nomination. I'm scared to see how he will handle the services and congress during a term of military reform. I'm guessing he'll probably go the route of Les during Clinton and not serve a full term because of incompetence.

    I'm actually pretty pissed about this whole cabinet this time around. Unlike the last one where you had a balanced perspective and a lot of heavy hitters, this cabinet has a very singular way of thinking and seems to be a yes-men cabinet. And Kerry's Euro-MENA trip is already going soooo fantastic.

  4. Marine6 says:

    Hagel is merely the latest addition to a cabinet of stunning mediocrity, although I must admit, that he raises the level of mediocrity to a new all time high.

    All we can pray for is God save the United States and success to Marines!

  5. Slater says:

    That by continuous debate our congress was wasting time and money and just before had taken a recess instead of working on a budget and then getting a joint resolution passed so we'd have one for the first time since 2009.

  6. Sam L. says:

    Kerry and Hagel are Benghazi Barry's tools. He likes them dull and useless, but semi-shiny.

  7. ultimaratioregis says:

    As I said elsewhere, Hagel for SECDEF is the real play. His vision for Defense is far more draconian than even sequestration will be. Because he can be the front-man for slashing our Armed Forces to dangerously low levels, and Obama can deflect blame when the inevitable catastrophe happens, if it does before 2017.

    As an added bonus, he is a supporter of GlobalZero. Just in case you were wondering what Sequester Soetoro had in mind for our seven-decade successful nuclear deterrent.

  8. AnotherOpinion says:

    I expect Hagels from Obama. I am disapointed in our spineless senate's dereliction of duty.

  9. Mike Burke says:

    I think we often forget that second-term Cabinet appointments are seldom inspiring. We have to remember that there are probably any number of people who might be better qualified who said "no,' did not/could not get through the confirmation process, or those who look at 2016 (or 2014) as their chance to do something more significant. Some people don't want to move to Washington DC, either. Again, I never see the kinds of high-level conspiracies that others see–we should apply some kind of Occam's razor to such explanations and look for the simplest, most bureaucratic one–it's usually right.

    I recall chatting with Les Aspin in the Pentagon bookstore a couple of times in 1993, when I was a loly LTC on the Army Staff–I used to find it odd that the SecDEF had time to spend a half-hour perusing the selection. Nice man, but wrong for the job. Bill Perry and later William Cohen did well. Maybe Hagel will, too. Who else would you have chosen, given all the constraints on second term appointments?