Gun-Day Sunday: More on the Ammo Situation

See this report from our special shotgun correspondent, Rusty Bill.

Slim pickin’s across the country, punctuated by some spotty surpluses. I maintain– go to your local and state Gun Trader boards, find out who has what you need, and what you have that they might need. You’re going to fill in some of the holes on your shelves, and you’re going to meet some interesting people, like-minded folk from all walks of life. Good people to know.

Looks like both supply and demand are going to be this way, more or less, for a while. Do what you can to mitigate.

Oh, BTW– a quick look at John Murphy’s site shows three seats left open for the 2-3 March Concealed Carry for Self Defense class. I’m registered for it, and would love to see you there. An FPF Training course is a legit reason to expend some carefully hoarded ammo.


  1. FPF Training says:

    I have revamped the course curriculum…now requires 400 rounds. Also, I have enough 9mm ammunition to where I can sell to students FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE COURSE @ .40 cents a round.


  2. LTCOL P says:

    FPF Training– it's one good deal after another. Seriously, that is a good deal.

  3. Rusty Bill says:

    "Special shotgun correspondent" I like that :).

    Something I forgot to mention…

    Academy usually has stacks of shotgun ammo in case packs out, if you want to buy 250 shells at a whack.

    Not today. Not a one, in any gauge.

  4. MDL says:

    Was at the NRA Range yesterday, I have a decent stash of .22 so have been shooting that. The place was moderately busy at 1000-1100 with all lanes full. Be interesting to see what it's like in another month if the ammo supply doesn't loosen up. Hopefully reloading supplies will loosen up also, nary a primer to be found anywheres but on GunBroker at inflated prices.

  5. Rusty Bill says:

    Update, 28 Feb:

    Yes. Yes! YES!

    *ahem* sorry

    Stopped by an Academy near work on the way home. Situation pretty much the same as it has been, except… except…

    They actually had 20g game & target ammo – #8 lead shot, 100-packs. About ten packs on the shelf. I grabbed what I could afford (no limits on shotgun ammo, fortunately); at least I now have enough for a couple of range days. Price was $24.99/100, about $2.50 more than I'm used to, but I ain't complainin'.

    If anybody wants me on my next day off, I'll be in Bracken…