To Our Readers in NY (and MD and IL too)

To our good friends in New York– I am interested in purchasing your magazines (quality AR types, especially PMags, but AK magazines too), and any .223/5.56 you have, especially the 55gr FMJ, and better still in sealed battlepacks.

That is, any mags or ammo you aren’t going to bury.

Think about it.

(You boys in MD and IL probably aren’t too far behind.)


  1. DaveO says:

    Not even probably. This is about the POTUS 2016 campaign.

  2. VFRMarine says:

    Echo LtCol P's comments. Without getting into a bidding war, I'm also interested in purchasing 5.56/.223 ammunition and quality AR magazines.

    Separately, for those living in NY, IL, CA, MD, CT, or similarly minded states, consider whether you have the capability to relocate yourself to a state that is more friendly to your liberties and your wallet. The best way to drain capital from these leeches is to vote with your feet (and dollars) out of the state; thereby depriving the looters of your taxes and participation. I recognize this will be potentially be a heavy lift for many. However, how far will you allow things to deteriorate in your state before you take action?

  3. The Other Dave says:

    Yeah, MD is getting tough right now. This is why I'm still a TN resident and will always be…

  4. Would love to jump back over across the river to the Mother State especially to score the in-state tuition for the kids at any of a number of fine VA colleges and universities; just need to break even on the house.

  5. Finicky Fat Guy says:

    I am one of those New Yorkers getting hosed by the Tyrant Andrew. I have a Stag (Formerly NY Compliant) AR and a few 20 rnd mags as well a a few 15 rnd mags for my Beretta 92 and a 15 & 30 for my M1. At the moment I am shopping for a vacation home in Myrtle Beach, SC, Asheville, NC or PA where I could store the AR and mags. I don't own a home in NY and now I never will. Screw'em. However, I do have a great job as well as family and friends. I've not spent a lot of time anywhere else and this is where family and friends are so I'm staying but I figure I can at least get my retirement/vacation home in a free state and keep my now illegal gun(s) there. I have a year to register it but don't want to. It's bad enough that I have to register my handguns.

    Then again, I may either trade the mags or send the whole kit and kaboodle to a friend out of state.

    Anyone have 10 round mags for the Beretta 92 they want to trade for 15 rounders?

    I'm hoping the courts will strike this down but that could take years.

    • LTCOL P says:


      I salute you and like-minded patriots up in the Empire State. I have a great deal of affection for the Saranac-Placid area, and all the good folks therein living.

      You might consider burying what you have not registered. You must of course weigh the costs and benefits, but it's an option. You could also visit the battlefield at Saratoga and contemplate what those folks would have done. Or, rather, did.

      I'm sorry this is happening to you, but it is serving as a live cautionary tale for the rest of the country. I daresay we haven't seen the last of these state laws; you may have to wait a long while for justice. Keep your chin up and do your best to thwart the apparatus of the state.

      • Finicky Fat Guy says:

        Thanks Colonel. I would bury the goods but I'm afraid that if I get caught I'd lose my handgun permit and that's a chance I don;t want to take.

        My biggest fear is that our cautionary tale is going over the heads of far too many. It seems that too many people aren't the slightest bit concerned because it doesn't affect anything they care about. Last night I had a chat with a friend and mentioned the nationwide abuse of Civil Forfeiture. Today I sent him an article about it. He's never heard of it or how it's been abused by self serving governments. today it's my 20 round magazine, tomorrow it's his wife's SUV but no one sees that connection. "It'll never happen here and what do you need a machine gun for?" is all we ever hear.