Rifle Alternatives

A conversation at the office today and a phonecon with Maj W, followed by a little internet search revealed some alternatives for those of you who think you’ve been left out in the cold by the wild spike in rifle sales.

Let’s say you’ve got $1500-$2000 available, but can’t find an M4 even at that price. Here’s your alternative:

Get a WWII GI-spec M1 carbine. It’s a light, compact, handy gun, excellent for new shooters and those of smaller stature. True, it is a 100-meter gun but inside that range, skilfully wielded, and especially with some of the better loads available today, it’ll get the job done. Plus, there are cost-effective ways to bring it up to modern standards. Read on.

Several manufacturers made them in WWII; ones made by Inland (a GM division), shooters in good condition, seem to be widely available on Gunbroker.com for anywhere from $600-$700. Not bad.

Then hop over to AIMSurplus and pick up 1000 rounds of Mexican 30Car ammo. It seems to be in stock.

Next, over to CheaperThanDirt, where you can get the new production, GI-spec 15-round magazines. Those too were in stock as of a little while ago.

There; Phase I is done. How much have you spent for a functional gun?

Now, for Phase II: get a Scout Rail from Ultimak, and a Vickers sling from Blue Force Gear. Pick up a grab-and-go from Olongapo Outfitters (when they’re back in stock), some sort of intermediate eye-relief optic for the rail– an Aimpoint H-1 if you have the cash, or maybe a Leupold Scout Scope if you’re strapped– and then some soft points or CorBon DPX for real work. Lo and behold you’ve got a fighting gun, one that you know has been tested in combat and won’t excite the avarice of the regulatory authorities. You probably didn’t break the bank either.

(I have no financial interest in any of the manufacturers or vendors I have listed.)


  1. Maj W says:


  2. ultimaratioregis says:

    Simply thinking about buying a 15-round magazine for your M-1 Carbine will get some child killed somewhere, for sure!

  3. DaveO says:

    Crossbow, bolts, scope. Or, compound bow, arrows. Or, machete, ax, very large dogs with very large teeth.

  4. After reading your post I just took the 30 cal to the smith for a full tear-down and ultrasonic cleaning not having the experience or time to get fully into the gas system. Once that is done, I am going for a modern sling and rail system. I like the option of being able to add on an optical rail without affecting the current iron peep sight (and thus the value of this working antique). Some day, I hope to add on a modern optical system as my eye sight ages. It will definitely be the go to weapon for hasty perimeter security around the house since this is logical progression as the kids get bored with their 22.

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks for in such allocation and I'm pretty sure that this allocation will be sound handy for me to buy a rifle and if not get so then I can buy alternative things of it. That like sound cool way. Thanks