Newest from DuffelBlog: “72-Hour Liberty Brief”

They’ve done it again.

Other Marines reported more graphic depictions of sex acts and the ensuing pitfalls.

“Hey, don’t be a dummy, cum on her tummy. We don’t want to add or detract from the population this weekend,” said Bowling, according to witnesses at the brief.

“He kept using these weird code words and innuendo,” said LCpl. Jeff Storm. “Stuff like ‘if you’re planning on sending rounds downrange, use a blank adaptor, because you don’t want to get rodded off the range.’”

Annddd, it goes downhill from there. :-) You’ll love it.

The best part of course is that haven’t we all heard REAL First Sergeants give REAL liberty briefs like this??

(Maybe *MDL* can confirm or deny!!)


  1. VMI Warrior says:

    My favorite from Ft. Bragg in an AIDS prevention talk – a slide showing a GI bent over, pants down, and a missle up his rear with the caption "Remember – Attacks from the rear are the most dangerous!"

  2. NotChuck says:

    Probably more appropriate today than when it was produced!

  3. Mike Burke says:

    Lovely–I note the real trick was the first sergeant using all 72 hours of liberty for the briefing–no wonder incidents went down! I used to love to listen to tank companies do rail loading saftey briefs at our various division railheads in Germany–first came a field grade, usually a brigade or battalion XO, then some poor LT, both of whom read from a standard script. This took about 45 minutes (imagine standing on a railhead in Germany in late December…). Then a platoon sergeant or other grizzled veteran would take charge and issue his safety brief–I never knew "motherF….r" could have so many complex meanings–but it as the only one the soldiers listened attentively to, and we never had a railhead accident as a result.

  4. MINDY1 says: