Mattis Being Pushed Out?

By way of ETP0802, “Report: Obama administration may push Mattis out.”

Last month, President Obama nominated Gen. Lloyd Austin to succeed Gen. James Mattis as the head of U.S. Central Command. The choice and its timing immediately raised questions about Mattis’ future, particularly given his standing as one of the most revered military leaders of his generation.

Mattis was typically stoic when I approached him for a response.

“I’ll remain focused on my job at CENTCOM for now and figure out the rest later,” he said in an email.

U.S. military officials have speculated for months that Mattis could leave his CENTCOM post by this summer and join civilian life. Now, though, a well-connected journalist and analyst is raising questions whether that could happen even sooner.

That well-connected journalist is Tom Ricks. Read the whole thing, and the link to Ricks’ blog. If true, not good.

(And the Ricks quote about tea vs shooting is spot on, and from my experience of watching him in action he’d switch from one to the other with no warning.)


  1. DaveO says:

    George Washington is revered. James Mattis is respected, but he's no Archibald Henderson.

  2. townie 76 says:

    All, I have it on very good authority that General Mattis wished to retire last summer, but was persuaded to remain on station until a replacement could be nominated and confirmed. Given what we have seen over the last year, vis a vie the turmoil of politics I believe this a very accurate assessment.

    I realize there are many who wish nothing but ill towards this administration, but I am also told that the President and Senior Advisors have a very high and favorable opinion of his ability–of course the workers bees may not like this given his propensity to upset their grand and uninformed assumptions.

    • DaveO says:

      True, and I don't disbelieve about Mattis wanting to retire. Think there's a limit to how long one should serve; and, that it is best to go out at the top of your game. Leave while the Legend is good, unlike Petraus and others.

  3. PSYOP Cop says:

    Big deal. Civilian leadership have pulled (or cut) the strings of GOFO's careers since time immemorial. When you wear stars, you're a political beast. Patton had his obvious problems when he ran his mouth (or slapped soldiers). Truman cut MacArthur at the knees. Bush shunned Shinseki (pretty much because he also asked "then what" to the Bush administration's desires to invade Iraq… and didn't buy into their view that it would be a cakewalk… history proved Shinseki right). Obama canned McChrystal.

    If you don't toe the line and parrot the administration who is in power, you will lose. Plain and simple.

  4. Matt says:

    He was gone McChyrstal saved him and he behaved himself because it was his life, kept his mouth shut. He did not want it to end. We wanted him for the Stan he got CENTCOM, Petraeus got the Stan. All things come to an end and he deserves to enjoy his retirement. How he was dealt with is another matter. If McChrystal had not fallen Mattis would be retired, he got a few more years a last taste, even with the Stan it was a 5 year deal. If need be the Corp can send around some Marines to hook up to XBOX live and he can fight as many battles as he wants as a hobby.

  5. Matt says:

    These are the guys that are going to take the US to war with Iran. And it will be a war. I don't know about the rest of you, I did my part DEFCON, USSR, Bin Laden what is the difference. The war on terror is over my mission is over, it ended in North Africa. If it is a cluster…… then it is what it is. No point sweating it. That is the joy of civilian life, you will get use to it.