How Different the Kids of Royalty Are!

Captain Wales, in the Telegraph explained what motivated him in Afghanistan:

He said: “I am the Queen’s grandson and all that good stuff and I love representing her, but to be honest with you and as far as I see it, and as far as William sees it as well, our service towards our country in the military in whichever shape or form it takes will always come first.


  1. Doug says:

    I think one has to like Harry. He seems a decent sort, serves his country when he could be running naked with hot chicks in Vegas. Oh wait, lucky him, he can do both!! Just kidding. I would be happy to have Harry covering my ass in the field.

  2. LTCOL P says:

    Everything I have heard about him from contacts in the UK armed forces, including one or two who have first-hand experience, indicate that he is an outstanding soldier in every respect.