Hagel for SecDef?

What say you?


  1. Paul Hirsch says:

    I want to see an E-5 with a CIB and two Purple Hearts at the top.

  2. Steve says:

    Guess it's time for me to re-do my resume, pretty sure this is setting up for a large drawdown.

  3. NotChuck says:

    I admire and respect Senator Hagel's record of combat military service. I voted for him twice for Senator from Nebraska. He was by far the better choice presented to us, and during his first term was outstanding in both his constituent service and representation. His second term, however, was clouded by sharp elbows and disaffection with his colleagues and the Bush administration. The Senator of whom we were so proud, and of whom we thought so highly during his first term seemed to turn his back on us and our values. His reputation for "unpredictability" would be better characterized as increasingly erratic. He would not have won a third term. After leaving office, he left the state and supported President Obama (his right to so do) in his first campaign. However, last year he returned briefly to cross party lines (despite the disastrous previous four years) to endorse and make commercials for former Senator Bob Kerrey, who had come back to Nebraska to run for Senate again after a 12-year absence living in New York City. The superficial excuse he used to cross party lines and vote for a hard leftist was that he was merely supporting a fellow combat veteran (with whom he had never served). Kerrey ran a despicable campaign that angered more Nebraskans than won their support, and demonstrated conclusively just how out of touch they both were. Hagel and Kerrey would better serve the nation if they would just quietly trade war stories over drinks in a dark corner of the VFW. There are many more qualified veterans than Hagel who could effectively run DoD, while ensuring that those who served aren't shoved to the side by the progressive bulldozer.

  4. Robert Murray says:

    Commendable combat performance does no always translate in to an effective political career. As Senator, Mr. Hegel proved …particularly in his second term to be a rather prickly personality with an independent streak that seemed more tailored to establish a reputation as a contrarian rather than a true independent character. His performance as Secretary of Defense has to date been deplorably lackluster and…unlike his Senatorial career…hopelessly compliant.