Gun-Day Monday: Arms and Ammunition Availability

Another quip from Mr Farnam, below; it’s very revealing. But first, the questions to set the stage–

– When do we think that supply will catch up to demand? Two months? More? What’s the new normal for ammo prices? And magazines, too? What are you willing to pay?

– What effect does all this have on your training? Are you one of those who could afford to practice once a week, with 50-100 rounds out of your sidearm and your long gun? That eats up ammo, and unless market conditions allow you to replenish as you deplete, there comes a point when practice at that level imposes a net cost on your stocks.

– And what about the two- or three-day courses, such as John Murphy’s outstanding Minuteman Rifle class? Think of the round count, and multiply by .86 or .75. How many of us are in a position to be able to sustain our training plans under these conditions? What are the work-arounds? I think it’s worth the cost, BUT I’m not sure if I can afford to do as many as I’d like, that is, under these market conditions.

Quoth Farnam:

Today, I visited several local gun retailers, large and small. Here is what is going on currently, at least here [Colorado, I believe]:

One shop has a small quantity of 223 hardball still available, at  $0.86/round. Restricted to 100 rnds/customer. None was available at other locations, at any price.

I found several, new ARs still for sale. Daniel Defense, SIG, Bushmaster, 1.9-2.5k, and up! Four weeks ago, those same guns were marked at $900.00-1k, and there were plenty from which to choose. Dealers told me copies they currently have “in stock” had just arrived, and would all be sold, probably by the end of today, surely be the middle of next week.

I found 30-rnd Pmags (no window) for sale at two locations, $45.00/copy at one, $60.00/copy at another. Limit of two/customer, and there were only as few left.

Pistols in 40S&W, 45ACP, 45GAP, and 357Sig, and revolvers in 38Spl, 357Mg, and several other calibers are still in pretty good supply, at least for now. Pistols in 9mm are completely sold out! No G19s, G17s, nor XDs, XD/Ms, M&Ps, even Berettas in 9mm are available anywhere.

Magazines for 9mm pistols, particularly double-column, are also sold-out.  I couldn’t find any for sale.

Hardball 9mm ammunition is available in small quantities. Same with 40S&W and 45ACP. High-performance pistol ammunition, in any caliber, is completely gone!

Storage rooms were stacked high with guns that are already sold, but awaiting transfer-approval. Out state’s “instant check” system continues to be hopelessly constipated. Wait-times are now exceeding one week, and continuing to extend.

Activity was high at all locations. Many customers waiting around interminably for the attention of haggard clerks, only to be told that inventories were badly picked-over and continuing to dwindle. No “lay-aways,” and scant chit-chat. You either buy on the spot, or move out of the way and let the next customer in!

A significant percentage of retail sales is now investment-oriented.  People are taking money out of the stock-market and re-investing in “tangibles,” like serious guns and ammunition.

I’m regularly getting phone-calls and e-mails from students and subscribers wanting to know where to go to buy ammunition and guns. All I can tell them is, “You waited too long!”

No one can predict where all this is leading, but I can plainly see nervous expressions on faces of hopeful gun-buyers. I am persuaded that it is not just threatened restrictive gun legislation that is driving this current  feeding-frenzy. The simultaneous convergence of a number of other issues  (the “debt-bomb,” about which we’re doing nothing, war in the Middle-East, our southern “border” disintegrating, weak/confused/corrupt leadership at the highest levels) has persuaded many that all of Western Civilization is circling the drain.

What’s next? Hyper-inflation? Another “Great Depression?” Another World War? Massive civil unrest? Foreign invasion from the south? States seceding from the Union, and the USA breaking apart?

None of that was even seriously discussed in 2008. It is now, and no  longer just in whispers!

In any event, I see no lessening of tensions any time soon. When people ask, “When will this frenzy end?” I have to reply, “Maybe never! You had better be personally prepared, in depth!”

Last question– what say you?


  1. Mdl says:

    It' may well last another four years. It is an interesting time to look at the odd-ball calibers; 6.5 Swede, 7.5 Swiss, etc. as well as .22 if one just wants to be able to shoot.

  2. AGirl says:

    I have been a very big fan of training and have done quite a bit of it on a weekly basis, but I am unwilling at this time to dip into my reserves, so for now, I think dry-fire will be the new normal for me . As for my rifle, it will likely not get a lot of trigger time.

  3. Rusty Bill says:

    It's not just rifle and pistol ammo. I went to buy shotgun shells at Academy last week and the shelves were nearly bare. And my local pistol-rifle-shotgun range was jam-packed on Sunday. I have never seen it that busy.

  4. Lt Col P says:

    For fun I looked at AimSurplus just now.

    30 Car appears to be available, as is 7.5 Swiss.

    30-30 and .303 British– SOLD OUT.

  5. DaveO says:

    "What’s next? Hyper-inflation? Another “Great Depression?” Another World War? Massive civil unrest? Foreign invasion from the south? States seceding from the Union, and the USA breaking apart?

    None of that was even seriously discussed in 2008. It is now, and no longer just in whispers!"

    Yes, it was discussed. Some folks, like the Anarchists and the Communists, have been working for this for quite a while. Some folks started talking about this following the SCOTUS decision that GWB was POTUS. And again through 2008, and up to now.

    It's just that now the Law & Order folks on the right have joined the conversation. Be interesting to see how the uniformed and retired military make the decision last made in 1860.

    Saw a headline a few weeks ago stating that women and Dems are leading the charge to buy guns and ammo.

    • Paul Hirsch says:

      Weird days, Dave0. I remember stocking my personal shelves after the Stockton school-yard shooting in 1989. Bad stuff, but when I needed cash in 2007, the "investments" paid off. But all of that is gone to pay honest bills.

      Not sure what to make to this dust up.

  6. LTCOL P says:

    DaveO and Paul H, good points. Weird days indeed! This is very ominous.

    "Be interesting to see how the uniformed and retired military make the decision last made in 1860."


  7. VMI Warrior says:

    Glad I got another rifle the day after Newtown…I saw the writing on the wall and snagged a pre-mark up Windham Weaponry M4. I do wish I'd picked up a few PMAGs though and I'm kicking myself for it now.
    I think many new restrictions are coming, either through Congress caving or POTUS acting "administratively" like he did on immigration, carbon tax, etc.
    I'm not usually a big fan of Alex Jones, but I think he may be on to something…if they go the confiscation route, they will have another 1775 on their hands. I think it will be registration first (like in Canada, Britain and Australia). Then after the sheeple comply comes the "on second thought, you're going to have to hand over your [fill in gun of choice].
    Just remember, there are probably 75 million gun owner in America. There aren't 75 million jail cells. They can't lock us all up.

  8. VMI Warrior says:

    I found several m4s & AK variants for sale today in a shop in the lower valley, all in the $1900-2600 range. They had several al. 30 round AR mags, and a small supply of PMAGs. I picked up 1 pmag for $40. That kills me to pay so much, but if others are selling for $45-$60, I guess it's s deal.