The price of (re)electing leftists is, among others, military readiness.

More, later, on where exactly I think women can serve best in the military. It might not be what you think!


  1. ultimaratioregis says:
  2. DaveO says:

    Well, with the election over, and POTUS sworn in, might as well give the ladies their eyewash payoff.

  3. Mike Burke says:

    I don't want to rehash an issue that's been hashed over one too many times already, but it does strike me that this kind of move might finally make the services estabish minimum physical qualifications for more specialties. There are few now save for aviation, diving, submarines, special forces, and others where people really do have some clear standards to meet. I wish that all were included.

  4. Matt says:

    I think that Iraq and Afghanistan should of reinforced the fact that out ground forces are sill required to close with and kill the enemy. Then, when that is succesful, they sometimes have to hold that piece of terrain covered in mud, blood and tears, with no respite and be ready to suffer and commit untold cruelty against the enemy. Women soldiers in combat won't compete against/with our soldiers, they will have to compete against the enemies soldiers who might not gender norm their attacks.

  5. herodotus says:

    It is a double-dopey (and dangerous) decision. Will USMC male & female PFTs now be the same? Obstacle course without the "step-up" for females? Same loads to carry? Once again decrees attempt to overcome the laws of physics and nature.

  6. R. Hollander says:

    It appears that to become a Marine or American soldier, nowadays, you have to be a feminist, politically correct, or be completely lacking in testosterone. The Vietnam vets who ruled the Marine Corps in the 80's would not last long in today's military. They called a spade a spade (saw it firsthand) and waved the BS flag when required. It's almost shameful to wear the Nation's cloth now.


  7. DaveO says:

    The end state is to have female service chiefs, and Chairwomen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Traditionally, those positions have been filled by combat arms officers – not logisticians or Human Resources or lawyers, but former trigger-pullers.

    Those FOGO aren't trigger pullers anymore, and since the feminists don't really give two shits about America or its martial traditions like losing wars and social experiments, why not just cut to the chase and give them the politically visible jobs of service chief?

    Lord knows Dempsey has overseen defeat and retreat in his role as CSA and CJCS. Maybe women have bigger cajones.

  8. tricycle says:

    We'll see what the left says when they realize their daughters are now eligible for the draft.

  9. Matt says:

    Maybe they should force the NFL, NBA and MLB to take female players first.

  10. Maj W says:

    Hollander, excellent video – I had not seen that one before. Who-ever wrote that verbiage, was spot on.

    Here's an additional video sent to me by a friend which features a former Commandant – this is a plain speaking, clear speech from a GO who doesn't feel compelled to edit every single word and syllable. Very well put – I would challenge you to find another bit of testimony out there that is this clear.


  11. R. Hollander says:

    Maj W:

    Great video. Thanks for posting. Gen Barrow was a tremendous Commandant and combat leader. Everything he said applies today, and was presicent – especially about allowing DoD policy to drive this, rather than Congress.