UK Opens Falklands Archives

Maj W sent this in: “Falkland War Files Released.”

Falklands Invasion ‘Surprised’ Thatcher — BBC

The 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina caught Margaret Thatcher by surprise, newly released government papers have shown.

The then-prime minister only saw it was likely after getting “raw intelligence” two days before the Argentines landed.

Papers released under the 30-year rule show Mrs Thatcher was acutely worried about retaking the islands.

One historian said the documents were among the “most powerful material” declassified in the last three decades.

I look forward to sifting through pages, Thanks, Maj W!


  1. Mike Burke says:

    Interesting war–I find myself taking the British side (maybe my two years being stationed at a former British Army vehicle depot in northern Germany's 1979-80 and living in a mess for awhile. Some of the odd aspects–the sinking of the Belgrano, a US WWII-vintage cruiser (USS Phoenix) we'd sold the Argentines; the incredible destructiveness of antiship missiles, the only combat use of British jet bombers, I think–

    The New York Times reports some friction between Reagan and Thatcher over how to handle end of the war:
    Having met Jeanne Kirkpatrick some years ago, I was fascinated by the British ambassador's take on her.

  2. Not the only combat use of RAF jet bombers: Valiants were used during the Suez operation.

  3. Slater says:

    And Reagan didn't want to aid the Brits militarily…he wanted them to negotiate…yeah that dude liked it both ways.

  4. Mike Burke says:

    Richard–thanks for the correction–I should know better–I read Eisenhower 1956 that covered it. Best,