Simo Hayha

Born this day, 1905.

542 kills, and a good number of them with an iron-sighted M1928 Mosin-Nagant.

When asked in 1998 how he had become such a good shooter, he answered “Practice.”

That’s excellent advice.


  1. Wilbur says:

    Facinating guy to read up on, astonishing I haven't heard of him before. Thanks for pointing him out.

    According to wikipedia (I know, not always accurate…) this is the sort of rifle he was using;

    • Lt Col P says:


      I believe you are correct. From everything I read about him, it appears that the secret to his success really was "practice," and a good dose of really good fieldcraft as well. I don't think he shot from exceptionally large ranges, and he certainly didn't have a highly accurized rifle or match ammunition. The man simply knew what he was doing.

  2. Wilbur says:

    Is it just me or do those shorter Finnish M28-30 Mosin-nagants look like a potential scout rifle…. also nicer quality than the Russian version, and an unusual thing to take to a range day as well. I had no idea the Finns made their own (albeit a lot seem to have been re-configured Russian rifles).

    I even found a decent FAQ on them;