RIP, Senator Inouye

We are slightly tardy honoring the late Senator Inouye (D, Hawaii), but let not our praise go unheard. The man was a warrior king in WWII.

(His MoH citation.)


  1. abie3 says:

    One of the last of the old school . Sen Inouye was a good man- served his country well at a time when it wasn't certain it wanted him and those who looked like him to be here at all- winning the Medal of Honor as a member of the all Nisei "Go For Broke" 442 Inf Regiment. He was the first congressman from Hawaii in 1959 and never lost an election. He was an unapologetic old school politician – and he was something else- he was a patriot who didn't believe that it was good for the country or his constitutents to turn into mindless lemmings and go charging off the cliff if they didn't get 100% of what they wanted. I voted against him when I lived in Hawaii, but I still respected him- as did most of his colleagues. His last word was fittingly : "Aloha".

    Sen Inouye gave a very poignant interview in the Ken Burns special " the War" a few years ago. His dad's words to him as he left to go to war: "This country has been good to me… We owe a lot to this country… Do not dishonor this country, do not dishonor the family and if you must die, die in honor…". I think he lived up to his dad's words throughout his life.
    Aloha Senator Dan

  2. Mike Burke says:

    I met him in 1995 at a Dental Corps birthday ball in DC (my wife is a retired Army dentist)–he was kind enough to shake my hand and chat for a minute–I told him I'd seen him first when I was 8 and living in Hawaii–it was in 1959, when he first ran for office–a rally near where we were living next to Waikiki–I would have voted for him if I'd been a Hawaii resent–a real man.

  3. mindy1 says:

    We need more men of honor like him :'(