This Is NOT a DuffelBlog Article

Good Lord.

Anyone interested in combat readiness… anyone??


  1. R. Hollander says:

    In keeping with the spirit of the age, the ribbon should be pink.

  2. VRMarine says:

    This needs wider social network distribution. Adjectives fail to properly convey the absurdity.

  3. Maj W says:

    Good. God. Almighty…….

    And so it begins.

    They obviously have a lot of spare time on their hands – good thing a war's not going on… god forbid they squeeze in some impromptu training for, I don't know, combat, over helping make sure everyone feels ok.

  4. 2Echo says:

    The USAF's tech schools have long been infamous for inane garbage like this. Those of us whose MTF days are well behind us can only roll our eyes and get back to work.

  5. DaveO says:

    Hey cool! Now Airmen are wearing Infantry ropes! Now they get to learn why Infantrymen are the Queens of Battle!

  6. Slater says:

    I can't wear my stetson outside of Cav functions and the Brigade footprint but they get this?

  7. UltimaRatioRegis says:

    You think if I put in a Benny Suggs recommendation we could get a fourragere to support free range chicken farming? It would only look a little like the one from 5th and 6th Marines. And it is for a good cause!

  8. Mike Burke says:

    I have great respect for individual Air Force folks I've worked with ovr the years, but I have always regarded the Air Force as something other than a real military service–I think it's moslty guys who justlike to wear the same clothes and hang around airfields. This is silly–were I an infantryman, I would be upset about having my cord lifted by a bunch of zoomies. Luckily, the brick red of rhe fighting Transportation Corps, my branch for 27 years, is not so much in demand.