Heroes With Four Legs

For several years, Rebecca Frankel has been writing a weekly column about War Dogs and their contributions to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Here is a link to her latest installment.

I have for a number of years believed that our military ought to have a way to officially recognize the heroism of these dogs.  I also am of the belief that we owe them a great deal and that our nation can afford to care for them when they are no longer able to serve as Military Working Dogs.  As soldiers their only fault is they are loyal to a fault and want nothing more than accomplish the job they were trained to do.


  1. Robert Mandel says:

    Recognize hero dogs? This bunch at the White House will not recognize a hero period.And besides,military working dogs do not comprise either an interest group or an ethnic identity of enough size to warrant any attention.And furthermore they do not contribute to election campaigns.

  2. Bill Cooper says:

    Mandel, why don't you do some research before shooting off your mouth. Nemo, a hero of the 68 Tet–threw an alert to sappers who had penetrated the wire at DaNang, I think, and enabled his handler to alert folks who got the QRT there in time to stop them before they got to the flight line. Nemo had a chunk of his head shot away, but survived and killed a couple of VC and saved his handler's life. He was retired and sent back to Lackland AFB/Kelly Field, where he lived out the rest of his life. I was a sentry dog handler from 1972-74, and had the chance to meet Nemo.

    There is a momument to military working dogs being readied to be built at Lackland AFB. It's nice, but pales in comparison to the momument to war animals at Hyde park in London, check it out at Wikipedia. There is a pack mule carrying pack artillery and a dog, as I recall. The momument states that it is to honor the animals that went to war with British forces throughout the centuries, and end withj, "They had no choice." It tightens your throat a little bit, if you worked with war animals. I still have a icture of Prince the wonder dog" and me at home.

    Sorry your heroism wasn't recognized to your satisfaction. There is not a former handler or combat solder who doesn't recognize their valor and courage. That was enough for them, to know that the people who worked with them are gratefule for their service and remember them to this day.

  3. Robert Mandel says:

    I was being facetious for Gods sake,and I know what service dogs,especially the bomb sniffers do. If you read my comments again you will note I was taking a shot at the White House,which will do nothing for anyone who who does not bring votes/money to them.In other words why would the Obama White House give a rats ass for dogs who do not contribute or vote for them.

    • Townie 76 says:

      We don't need your faux news crap on this particular post. It was my intent to make it a non-controversial post.

      Even though I did not for BHO I am tired of a bunch of sore white boys who somehow think the world is ending because we reflected a black man. WDYSTFU.

    • Bill Cooper says:

      It didn't read facetious, it read whiney.

  4. Maj W says:

    There is a tradition in England to recognize these dogs –


  5. Paul Hirsch says:

    That's BS. Plenty of white men would have no problem with a black man as president. It's this particular black man that is that problem.

    • Robert Mandel says:

      The problem that I have with Obama is his lack of candor.We have yet to know what happened in Benghazi and I think we are entitled to know why Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were left to die alone when there was help available.All of a sudden General Petraeus resigns under duress,Hillary Clinton says she will not testify,and no one seems really responsible for the those four American deaths.The president owes us an answer,and it is not racist to ask him to tell us what happened. I do not believe he will,and I will add this,I am sick and tired of being tarred with the racist brush.It is the do all excuse for the apologists of this incompetent and inept regime.I'm no racist,you who use that term are arrogant fools.

      • Townie 76 says:

        Mr. Mandel: The problem I have with you is your insistences on talking about subjects that have no bearing on the discussion at hand. The discussion was heroes with four legs. If you want to shit on the President that is your right. . .but do it elsewhere. I will be happy to post something on Benghazi so you may spew forth your hateful bile. . .all I ask is that you wait until I do so.

        As I have stated on more than one occasion, I was writing about four legged heroes, who don't give a rats ass who is President, but just want to do the job they were trained to perform.

        Since you did not get my message yesterday, "Why don't you shut the fuck up."