THIS  is pure genius.

PASHTYLVANIA, AFGHANISTAN – Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, Jr. confirmed late yesterday that he has accepted a wager to spend no less than one year in the supposedly haunted command of United States Forces – Afghanistan (USFOR-A). Legend has it that there is a terrible curse on the command, located deep in the foreboding mountains of Afghanistan, and that inexplicably bad things happen to the careers of unwary commanders.

“I don’t like this,” says Dunford’s career, folding its arms and staring out of Dunford’s car at the darkening sky as they drive up the winding switchbacks toward the infamous command. “What are we even doing here?  Is there even a strategic objective? We should have just gone back to Headquarters Marine Corps to be the next Commandant.”

(For the record I’m a big Dunford fan, and I not only have high hopes and expectations that he will “break the curse” and do well in Afghanistan, but that he will be Commandant!)


  1. Maj W says:

    Ho – lee – shit is that hilarious.