A New Gun Ban on the Horizon?

A feint? Or just the way things are going to be in the near future?

So the question for the armed citizen at this point in the national narrative is, another gun? More ammo and SL-3 gear? Solid training?

Whatever you choose, be decisive.


  1. mike says:

    Training. My plan is to use their gear… Of course another gun never hurts, but I need to wait to see if I'm a victim of sequestration.

  2. UltimaRatioRegis says:

    As predictable as the tides. UN Small Arms Treaty is coming, too. Count on it. Welcome to the USSSA. United Soviet Socialist States of America.

    Can you hear the country song? " I love the U-S-S-S-A!"

  3. Dave says:

    Meh, the house is red and Harry Reid keeps up with quashing this nonsense. This won't get far thankfully.

    Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have a stripped lower for an AR handy. But if you are really worried, just stock up on mags. The Gen 2 PMAGs are going down to about 10 bucks in price for one of the most durable and best mags around. That's pretty much all I use for mags.

    • mike says:

      I get mags for my SLR for about $10 and have a sufficient quantity for that and my M1A. I do not have an AR at this point. I am hoping it won't get far, of course hope is not a course of action for most sane individuals

      • Dave says:

        Sounds like you need to jump on that AR train. Plus, if you have gun ADD the fact that you can have like six billion AR variants is great. Just get one or two lowers and you can utilize different uppers that don't require an FFL transfer.