Strike Group Commander Headed Home Early

“For inappropriate judgment.”

Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette is being sent back to the USS John C. Stennis’ home port at Bremerton, Wash., in what the Navy called a temporary reassignment. The Navy said he is not formally relieved of his command of the Stennis strike group but will be replaced by Rear Adm. Troy M. Shoemaker, who will assume command until the investigation is completed.


I fear for the Navy some days.


  1. Scott Dillard says:

    I seem to remember something about the Navy having more admirals than ships — the way they are going through them and Commanders and Captains, probably a good thing.

  2. Maj W says:
    • Paul Hirsch says:

      Here's the problem I have with the hypothesis that Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was removed from command for anything to do with Benghazi: The Stennis left Bremerton on 8/27/12; it was on station in or near the Persian Gulf on 10/17/12 (or so I've heard on the internet). Different Combatant Command and a hell of a long way across north Africa. Why would this carrier strike force have anything to do with what was going on in Libya? (Usual caveats about me being a livelong civilian who doesn't know **** about military matters apply.)

  3. DaveO says:

    The Admiral's removal is at best coincidence and at worst a planned distraction.

  4. CAPT Mike says:

    We relieve CO's (in my Navy) much too often for trivial pc reasons, and shitcan Admirals far too rarely.