More on Those Not Like Real Soldiers

From today’s Washington Post, hopefully the CSA is serious when he said,

‘”This is not a good-old-boy’s club,” Odierno said this week during a news conference at an Army convention in Washington. “When you do something wrong you will be held accountable.”

On a related note, Neil Sheehan review of Tom Ricks’s new book “The Generals” contains an interesting observation on Generals.

The rub is that the Army of the present is vastly different from the small and archaic Army that Marshall inherited in 1939. Its senior officer corps was a collection of superannuated generals out of touch with the mechanized revolution in warfare, and the nation confronted an imminent threat that lent impetus to Marshall’s aims. Once he had swept these antiquities aside, he could start afresh. The Army of today is an entrenched bureaucracy, comfortable with itself and funded and protected by its friends in Congress. Whether there are innovators within it who have the wit to listen to Ricks’s sermon and the courage and shrewdness to take on and overcome the status quo is a question yet to be answered.


  1. DaveO says:

    Dear Ray,

    Actions, and the results of those actions are the only way to measure a man or a woman. Words are cheap.

    Action: holding soldiers of all ranks to the same standard of due process, and if found guilty, punished the exact same way and the exact same amount. Result of action: restoration of the US Army to Rule of Law, and engender confidence, good order and discipline.

    We'll work on gradations of punish that get worse as rank goes up once y'all sort through that whole equal thing.


    An Army Alum.

  2. Maj W says:

    Yes – it's from npr but it does dovetail with the GO discussions here of late.

    • DaveO says:

      Good read – thanks for the link.

    • CAPT Mike says:

      Excellent link, thank you.

      I'd add one additional major issue for the modern flag officer corps; it has become quite politicized. This is partly the fault of general/flag officers for being unwilling to resign over issues of principle, a related willingness to sell out on some issues to advance their own agendas (policy or budget), and also very much driven by the overwhelming and suffocating civilian mandarins in DoD.


  3. DaveO says:

    Sounds like MacNamara's Generals.

  4. Maj W says:

    Even more…

    Patreaus – too bad, I admired that guy.