After the Storm

For our East Coast/Mid-Atlantic readers, how did everyone fare?

Did you need to evacuate, or did you stay put? What plans did you put in place?

What worked and what still needs work?

As for me– here in the outer marches of the NCR we got a lot of rain and some winds, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had over the last few months quietly built up a modest stockpile of things I’d need to ride out a storm and the immediate aftermath. With some last minute additions of ice and a full tank of gas, I was in decent shape. (I just went out to Target and acquired some things to fill minor gaps I identified, and will hit some bigger items later.)


  1. VMI Warrior says:

    Minor preps made (POL topped off, ice, water) to make sure family was prepared, and stood by expecting to get called out. But here in Mecca (Richmond), we got a steady rain and a breeze, that's it. Kids home from school for 2 days for nothing ! Wish I were so lucky when I was in school!

  2. dnice says:

    We were pounded by Irene with rain last time and the Rahway River flooded just down the street. More of wind event here in Central Jersey (GSP Exit 135) with Sandy. Many more trees down this time as last time i didn't lose power with Irene but this time i did (running off one of those car inverters now).

    My family and I slept in the basement last night – the wind was making the windows whistle and we have 2 big trees in the backyard. We lucked out though as the trees fought a good fight.

    While we did prepare (took $ out, gassed up, food, water, 1st aid kit, window repair kit) we wish we had a gennie but there was a run on them. I gonna buy one as soon as their available because then then it'll never happen ever again.

    Kids have the entire week off. I worked on Hudson Street in NYC but there is no power so no work tmw. Also, NJTransit and Path are still down and read on BBC News that the PATH will be done for 7-10 days.

    Hope everyone else is safe.

  3. Maj W says:

    Very minor effects here. Biggest positive was that I too identified some weakpoints in my prep and stockpile efforts – mostly comm and quality light sources.

  4. dnice says:

    Our neighbor who is in another power grid hooked us up with some electricity. No gas in our town and the lines in Cranford NJ were creating gridlock. We're lucky to have a fireplace and have invited our neighbors kids to warm up and hang out.

    Its funny but really sad that we are so close to the refineries but the gas isnt making it here. There should be a curfew so the trucks can come in and the power companies can work on restoring the gas stations power.

    Also, heard during my bike ride around that my town is having problems finding money to have contractors cut down all the trees.

  5. Drew Z says:

    I live just west of Long Beach Island. We prepped by purchasing freedom toast supplies like everyone else and brought my mother and her dog to our house.

    We ended up losing power from 1330 Monday until 2030 Tuesday but manage to borrow a generator. We will be purchasing our own soon.

    Today I made it into Sea Isle City where the eye made landfall because of my job. Ill be working storm cleanup for the foreseeable future.
    My inlaws house flooded but they were off island. All family safe an all damage repairable and most likely insured.

    Best of luck to all and to any in the still blacked zones who happen to see this, the looting has started so be careful.

  6. mdl says:

    Need to stock up on more cowbell………actually fared well. Good practice for most any other problem; bad snow, ice-storm, the next hurricane.