“Long Shot”

“Long Shot: Artillery Battery Sets Lethal Record”

How beautiful is that??

Only thing better would be if it had been a battery from 14th Marines…


  1. Buffoon says:


  2. VMI Warrior says:

    Artillery has not been used to potential in recent conflicts. A battery can really put a hurtin' on the bad guys much quicker and more accurately than fast-mover jets or rotary gunships.
    While in Camp Buehring I awoke one morning to a booming sound that I instantly recognized…the Kuwati Army practicing gunnery with their 8" M110s that we gave them when we switched to MLRS. It was like hearing an old friend.
    We should not have phased the 8" out. The 155mm is very capable, but no field piece is more accurate or devastating than the old 8" howitzers. They would do well in the 'stan.