Minuteman Rifle Course, 31 Mar – 1 Apr

The most excellent John R. Murphy of FPF Training has posted his 2012 calendar. He’s running a Minuteman Rifle Course on 31 Mar-01 Apr.

I’m signed up for it.

There are ten (10) seats left. It would be a blast to get a group of loyal readers in that class. Go sign up, now. And let me know if you did.


  1. Dave Armstrong says:

    Hummm…last time I went it was a blast!!!

  2. LtCol P says:


    Do it!


  3. Maj W DC says:

    Ill check the calendar today!

  4. DaveO says:

    I'm out: will have just moved in and letting the dust settle. Does he do these regularly throughout the year?

  5. VFRMarine says:

    I'll see what I can do…definitely need to brush up on skills before hurricane season.