We Didn’t Know He Was “IL”

So long, scumbag.

I do hope that somewhere, somehow he embraced Our Lord and Savior before he expired, but I expect that might be a forlorn hope. Otherwise, I hope I don’t speak “IL” of the dead when I say that he won’t be missed much. The question in his wake is the extent to which his progeny will be more or less murderous, despotic, unstable and weird.


  1. UltimaRatioRegis says:

    We also didn't know Great Leader was so, well, funky:


  2. vmi warrior says:

    Wow! That was funny! Some of hisGenerals have enough tin on their chests to make Idi Amin blush though…and most looked waaaay too young to be holdovers from the early '50s. Those must be like ROTC medals and ribbons.

  3. Bill Cooper says:

    Or National Guardsmen with their many rows of showing-up-to-drill-on-time, mostly, ribbons.

    LtColP, as to your hope that at the end, Lil' Kim embraced religion, I would remind you of Voltaire, who on his death bed was asked to renounce the devil. His reply was to the effect that at this time he didn't need to make any more enemies.

  4. Doug says:


    Let us not speak ill of the National Guard.

    "The active duty forces comprise 55% of the total DOD force and has experienced 81.5% (2,820) of the total deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Reserve forces (Reserves and National Guard) make up 45% of the force, and received 18.4% (863) of the total casualties. "

    To many of them have given their all In Iraq and Afghanistan to be disparaged in such a cavalier fashion.

  5. Bill Cooper says:

    Doug, I am not cavalierly dismissing the Guard; I spent 28 years in the Guard. The Guard has served honorably, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also at home in theose awful days after 9-11 providing a sense of security for a shaken people. That said, of my 5 rows of ribbons, 3 rows are Guard-awarded ribbons for little more showing up. I would be interested in what has been the experience of other Guard officers.

    Go to any of the state headquarters and check out the full-time command staff. Two things will be quickly apparent: 1. The are damn few combat patches, and 2. The senior command staff have more meaningless ribbons than you will find anywhere other than in a ROTC unit.

    • Doug says:

      I was in the NY Guard myself so I understand what you are saying, but your comment did come off poorly. The last time I visited an armory, which was last month, everyone had a combat patch. Maybe times have changed?

  6. Bill Cooper says:

    Doug, We're talking apples and oranges. Real soldiers are found at company-level armories. They have served in theater, have operated outside the wire, have taken and returned fire, and in some cases paid the price. I have only respect for them. That said, go to a state Guard HQ, and you'll find the usual load of REMF pogues. A few of the NCO's will have combat patches, and a few officers. Talk to people in the line units; too many of those from state HQ, if they went to theater, hunkered down in the FOB and never went outside the wire. But, the bulk will have never even left the state.

    When I was still in the Guard, I worked a 2d mobilization of an MP unit. To a person, they had the 18th MP Brigade patch. As a former MP (canine), I was in awe of the cute young women talking about getting shot at, mortered, and rocketed in Bagdad.