Colonel Ty Ty Wilson

Just read that long time Professor of Military History at VMI, Colonel Tyson “Ty Ty” Wilson died on December 21, 2011.  Here is the link to his Obit .  I have a plefora of Ty Ty stories.  He was a real character, a great professor, and a Marine through and through.  Ask all VMI graduates who knew to share a story.  He was one of the greats.  May he Rest in Peace.  So long faithful warrior and teacher.


  1. Hugh Hopkins '6 says:

    A great Professor and and outstanding example of a True Officer. I'll always remember that if he was passed by a group of cadets who each would render a salute, he would return a salute to each one..5 cadets got 5 individual salutes. He commanded the greatest respect and he returned that respect.

    • Bruno80 says:

      Ty Ty Wilson was a great professor and a good man, and the epitome of the VMI ideal of a citizen soldier. I'm no good with stories as at 30+ years later I no longer can remember the details beyond who we respected and who I would throw under the bus if given the chance. Ty Ty was one of those guys who was VMI in the flesh. RIP

  2. JJ Carty '79 says:

    COL Wilson was one of the first profs I met at VMI and one of the best I had there. We had to learn about him through the grapevine because he never spoke of his own wide experience, but once you found out you could tell by looking at him that he was the real thing. He was genuine and unassuming which is what made him great. I think of him often and regret his passing.

  3. Gordon W. Keiser, &# says:

    Ty-Ty (our nickname for him) was an excellent professor. I remember him well and feel most fortunate to been one of his history students. May he rest in peace.