“1/5 Fought Hard and Got Dirty”

Watch this, then maybe watch it again.

Then think to yourself, between the U.S. Congress, 535 strong, and one Marine battalion (with attachments not too different in size), which one showed a greater willingness to tackle difficult head-on? Which made greater sacrifices? Which showed greater fidelity to the Constitution?

What say you?

* Or any other battalion, for that matter.


  1. AFLogic says:

    Don't even need to watch the video to answer that question… Good video though.

  2. tricycle says:

    the last 4 minutes of this video absolutely break my heart… no matter how many times you see it, or how many times you live it… to see these "kids" give the last full measure…. I would trade the whole congress for one of these hero's lives. As numb (or "professional") as we may become after seeing this year after year, let us never forget the price that none of us have paid…that these "kids," these MEN have so willingly paid…

  3. mindy1 says:

    Gotta love these guys