Is the Navy Facing a Crisis of Confidences

Saw this article today in the Richmond Times Dispatch on the state of the Navy.  The author a retired CPO believes that the Navy faces rough seas in the years ahead.  Thoughts from our friends in the Navy.


  1. Foxfier says:

    Meh, it's not just the "old salts" that think the Navy is being run by politicians for the appearance of it, rather than to be effective. Hasn't every Navy gal sighed a bit in the realization that any time the department needs to send a couple of faces, they'll be one of them? It's good optics, but it's rather annoying that optics trumps getting the job done.

  2. bullnav says:

    Crisis is an understatement. We still have more flag officers than ships, our shipbuilding program is broken, and we have still not figured out how to support the GWOT without sending sailors on IA's in the desert for a job which is far beyond their rating training (or warfare qualifications for officers). Hell there were article this weekend about decommissioning the GEORGE WASHINGTON rather than refuel her. The Navy can't meet combatant commander requirements now as it is, and they are talking about getting rid of a carrier?

    In my 22+ years in the Navy and Navy Reserve, I have only seen cuts and more cuts.

    ADM Greenert has a big job ahead of him, and I sincerely hope he can turn things around.

    • AFLogic says:

      Unfortunately he can only make use of what the DOD and SecNav make available to him. With a pair of politicians in charge of both, and the President himself so obviously anti-military, things don't look good for the near future. Here's hoping our next POTUS has more sense.