R.I.P., GEN Shalikashvili

The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has passed.

I await T76’s obituary.


  1. PSYOP Cop says:

    I've got mixed feelings on this guy. On the one hand, being born in Poland, getting drafted into the Army, and rising to CJCS is no small feat. On the other, I can't help but having a bad taste in my mouth over his role in the Captain Mike Speicher affair when, after receiving a brief from special operations and intel types about the location of Speicher's crash site and evidence that he was alive, GEN Shalikashvili's response was something to the effect of, "I'm not sending a team in to chase after some old bones."

    So, I give the good general his due. But I won't sing his praises quite as loudly as the former POTUS.

    • ms says:

      Yeah, well if you know the history of the Speicher "sightings", you know his views were vindicated. So give the guy his due.

  2. VMI Warrior says:

    I lost all respect for this guy after his response to the USMC "Blood Wings" outcry in 1997…he denied knowledge of any such ritual, and demanded those responsible be held accountable. He had jump wings himself, I don't know how he wasn't aware of getting blood wings pinned on. I know as far back as 1950 when my father-in-law was in the 82nd they did it…he was either totally ignorant or a liar, in either case a sorry excuse for an officer. I guess he made an ok political hack though…

  3. LtCol P says:

    Maybe the ultimate question is– Based on what we know about the demands of leadership in The Long War, would he have been up to the task?

    I'm not sure the answer is "Yes." But I await the opinion of others who know better.

  4. SPC.B says:

    I also have mixed feelings about the man, on one hand as V corp and later as USAEUR cmdr he did some really good things for soldiers by starting Quality of Life initiatives. BUt later as CJSC I watched him become totally political stating facts that were blatantly wrong to congress and selling out the military to his boss Clinton.

    • ms says:

      Clearly as a specialist, you are more in tune with the daily intel and competing demands on the military in the 90s than was this 4-star who lived them daily. Please enlighten the rest of us as we are not nearly as "in the know" as you are.

  5. UltimaRatioRegis says:

    Like Zbignew Brzezinski, one had to wonder what side he was on….