Feel-Good Friday, Gurkha Edition

Ronaldus Secundus sent this in, as the “feel-good story of the week.”

I can’t disagree.


  1. Doc H says:

    Hiyo Gurkhali!

    You will also find them retired and wearing slightly different uniforms as contractors guarding many sites through Afghanistan. Respected by our forces, feared by the enemy.

  2. Townie 76 says:

    When I was in Iraq, there was a retired Gurka equivalent of a Sergeant Major who was in charge of the Guards for the SCIF and COIC–he ran absolutely the tightest ship I have ever seen and everything was done according to rules. On top of that he was outstanding soldier as I watched him supervise his guards one day in the care and maintenance of their AK47s.

  3. LtCol P says:

    For the twentieth time (at least) I strongly recommend anyone who has an interest in the Gurkhas to read John Masters' great book "Bugles and a Tiger."