Military Working Cats

I’m a cat person, so I though THIS was good for several laughs.


Enjoy the day.

BTW… anticipating delivery today of a red-dot sight that will complete my do-it-yourself upgrade to the WASR-10.


  1. Bill Cooper says:

    And remember, because cats lack empathy and sympathy, they're ideal for senior command

  2. bullnav says:

    What are you going to use to mount it and what brand is it? I would definitely like to set up my WASR-10 with a red dot sight…

    • LtCol P says:

      Brother Rat:

      Good things come to those who wait! Seriously, all will be revealed soon. It arrived today but I decided, in a rare moment of self-discipline, that I've had too much beer tonight to F around with guns. :-) Plus I just sat, mesmerized, watching Michelle Malkin on Fox News, and now my brain is otherwise occupied.

      Stand by.


      • bullnav says:

        Well, hell. I am going to be out of pocket for a week, so I will look forward to seeing your rig when I get back.

        I am sure more than your brain was occupied…:)

      • DaveO says:

        Will miracles never cease.

      • USMC Steve says:

        I thought that field grade officers were capable of multitasking?

        • DaveO says:

          That's a fiction we maintain to keep the men calm. Failure to multitask is why we have so many aides, assistants, and senior enlisted advisors satelliting us.

  3. mindy1 says: