My Neighbor, The Ashburn Jihadi

Quick post here, will update later, but the asshole who was arrested earlier today for plotting to bomb the DC Metro system lives around the corner from me. Literally. I rarely saw him but did see his fully hijab’ed wife.

More to follow, am not in a place where I can post more at the moment.

UPDATE– Here’s the latest WaPo reporting. By the time I got home the media frenzy had subsided, but I did see one news-mobile parked there. (If I’m lucky it’ll be the extremely hot Elaine Reyes from NBC4 and I’ll get to see her tomorrow as I drive off.)

This is the new face of The Long War, but one we have discussed before: the lone loon, who either suddenly decides he has a beef against the infidel world, or one who who came as a sleeper agent. We shall see where F. Ahmed falls in.

You know, this pisses me off because life in Ashburn is pretty good, and we tend to accept people at face value. I never saw any evidence of animus toward him or his family; this neighborhood is live-and-let-live. He appeared to have a good job, and he certainly had a nice house. So I hope F. Ahmed pays a steep price for his betrayal of his adopted country. And I hope his wife and child are deported back to Pakistan. You want to live like savages? You want to go through life wearing a heavy black tent instead of normal clothing? Go live in a place where savagery is a way of life. We don’t want you here.

I keep remembering what Jeff Cooper used to say… They can’t be made to love us, and they probably won’t respect us, so they have to be made to fear us.