"Gun" Rhymes With "Fun"

A GREAT story from the otherwise editorially execrable Roanoke Times:

“For years, Tyler has been longing for somewhere to play with his airsoft guns. So, with the help of his father, Roger, the young Vinton teen is now an entrepreneur.

“He started the Star City Airsoft Club last winter so fellow airsoft gun players could have a place to play. The club’s first game day was July 21, and 10 boys came and went during the five games played. As of now, Tyler said, the club doesn’t have a schedule for games, but he posts updates of when they’re playing on the business’ Facebook page.”

It gets better…

“The 5-acre playing area doesn’t contain much yet, but Tyler has big plans. As of now, he and his friends just use natural features like hills, valleys or fallen trees as hiding places and bases.

“Currently, Tyler has two bunkers hidden in the deeply forested acres. He wants to have many more in the future.

“A family friend who owns the granite workshop in front of his dad’s business is giving Tyler some extra materials. He wants to create “bunkers, trenches, and places for cover.” He’s working on a tank — a yard cart with a wooden body.”

I LOVE IT. Good for you, Tyler!

On much the same subject, check out John Derbyshire’s July Diary on NRO:

“Why you should make friends with guns Apart from the fact that guns are fun, you should give some thought to the direction the U.S.A. is headed.

“As municipalities sink under the weight of pension and benefit liabilities for their employees, with stagnant or falling revenues, law enforcement will be one of the things to go. In some places this has already happened. East St. Louis announced at the end of July that it is to lay off 19 of its 62 police officers. Back in June the city of Maywood, Calif., went further, laying off all its employees. Sure, these are poor cities (statistics here and here), but the rot will climb up the pilings, you may be sure.

“When it does, Joe Citizen, you’ll be on your own law-enforcement-wise. Get yourself some guns. Learn how to use and maintain them. Teach your family members how to use them.”

Read the whole thing.