Gun-Day Sunday: Op-For Range Day!

Yesterday we held the first Op-For Range Day– hopefully the first of many!– through the good offices of John Murphy at FPF Training. It was a blast.

(This was a by-invite event for our loyal readers and commenters. Before you say, “Hey– what about me, I never got an invite??” let me explain. For the purposes of the first event, I needed to tap into our core (“Corps”?) community of people I had shot with, hunted with, or served with, and who were local. So, my apologies if you would got left out this time, BUT rest assured there will be a next time, and it will be bigger and better.)

After a few unfortunate last-minute drops (all for good reasons, I might add), a somewhat diminished band of stalwarts, including MDL, Phat Joe and Mr GOPCounterculture, reported to FPF Training’s range near Culpeper, VA. We did some good handgun work from near point-blank ranges back to 15 yards, and then broke off for some rifle work. Hardware abounded, with a handful of ARs, one XCR, one AK, an FAL, a K31 and others we never got to break out. Because my left arm is in a sling, I didn’t get to do the rifle work, but my problem turned into an opportunity because I got to work through some one-handed pistol drills. Lesson learned– effective one-handed pistol shooting is a tough proposition, but it can be done. Learn it and train on it!

Although boarhogged in the end by a pop-up thunderstorm, we still managed to run the shoot-off, consisting of the fastest hits on three steel plates at 100 yards, going from standing to prone. MDL won in a time of 9.65 seconds, using his iron-sighted FAL, no less.

Be advised, we are going to try to do the next one NEXT YEAR in mid-May. Word will go out in plenty of time for you to get ready.

Firing on the move.JPG

Phat Joe and MS87 fire on the move

Filling Mags.JPG

Mr GOPCounterculture fills the bottomless magazine


Not bad for one-handed! OK, I dropped a few…

John M tries out the XCR.JPG

John Murphy tries out the XCR

MDL wins with the FAL.JPG

MDL wins the shoot-off with “Freedom’s Right Arm”

MID-MAY 2011! Put it on your calendar, save your pennies, stockpile the ammo and practice your shooting!

Many thanks again to John Murphy for going waaaay out of his way to make this happen. I have said it before and I’ll say it again– he offers Gunsite-quality instruction at unbeatable prices. Highly recommended!