"One Last Muster"

When I was looking online yesterday for D-Day stories, I went first to the Roanoke Times, since of course southwest Virginians played an enormous role in the conquest of Omaha Beach. I found nothing, sadly. But today, I saw this:

“BEDFORD — At a restaurant Saturday night, World War II veterans — including some who went ashore during the Normandy landings of D-Day in 1944 — told stories and carried on over filet mignon and crab cakes.

“Then the room in Roanoke’s Shenandoah Club got silent.

“Veteran Bob Slaughter of Roanoke announced to fellow members of Company D of the 116th Infantry Regiment that the group’s annual reunion dinner, held in the Roanoke area on D-Day weekend since 1982, would be discontinued.

“So many men of Company D have either died or are unable to travel, it is no longer practical for the tradition to continue, Slaughter said.

“A lot of people cried,” he recalled.”

Yes sir, more than you think.