Two Editorials Worth Reading

Two editorials worth reading one, from the LA Times; the second, from The Washington Post. I find Mr. McCarthy attitude troubling; luckily he has little influence in determining whether colleges have ROTC or not. What is most troubling is his belief that those in the military are intellectual midgets and are only interested in perpetuating a culture of violence. My experience is that the military are the ultimate peacekeepers, their presences helps ensure peace.

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all, especially to “Cracker Iota” and all others overseas and on the two-way range yet again. May this time next year see them all home, safe and sound, wreathed with the laurels of victory.

Marine Corps Commandant Has To Stay

On Monday morning, a strange little man at the WaPo asserted that the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps “has to go.” It appears that in the eyes of Richard “Dick” Cohen, the Commandant is guilty of that most heinous of crimes– uttering any sort of opposition to the repeal of DADT. The strangeness begins thusly– “I am a fan of the old World War II movies, the ones where the platoon was composed of typical Americans, Hollywood-style. There was a guy named Farmer and one called Preacher… Now, of course, we would have to add a gay soldier. I […]

Worth Reading

” I sought the Lord and He answered me.” Psalm 34:4 The Last Six Seconds   One can hardly conceive of the enormous grief held quietly within General   Kelly as he spoke.   ____________     On Nov 13, 2010, Lt General John Kelly, USMC gave a speech to the Semper   Fi  Society of St. Louis , MO. This was 4 days after his son, Lt Robert Kelly,   USMC was killed by an IED while on his 3rd Combat tour. During his   speech, General Kelly spoke about the dedication and valor of our young men and   women who step forward each and every day to […]

Happy Birthday to the Royal Canadian Regiment

Since I had the distinct honour to have served with several Canadians in Kabul, in particular one Major from the Royal Canadian Regiment, and having heard from him some of the traditions and history of his unit, I would like to wish him and all his comrades in the RCR a very happy birthday. I, personally, can think of no better friends and no worse enemies. To celebrate the RCR birthday in proper style, I believe one must drink the Ortona Toast. I will do so this evening. PRO PATRIA!

Person of the Year??

Army Lieutenant Rajiv Srinivasan calls “Time” out… “As I read through this year’s selection summary, my eyes scanned for even the mention of one name. A name that has grown to mean so much to so many Americans, but unfortunately too few to be considered “influential”. That man was Staff Sgt. Salvatore A. Giunta, the first Congressional Medal of Honor recipient in the Global War on Terror, and the youngest living recipient by 35 years (he is 25 years old, there are three living recipients who are currently 60 years old). “I stared at Zuckerberg’s bright pale face on the […]

Gun-Day Monday

Whew– after Townie’s post on Captain Nathan “I. Hart” Cox, and the ensuing comments exchange, I think I need a cigarette. And some show tunes. And maybe some new window treatments. Why the hell not, it’s the New Corps now, right? H I D E O U S. On to better, manlier things. GUNS. I used the mighty Steyr Scout to drop a button buck at 0755 on Saturday. Through the scope he looked like a doe, and since I was after girl meat, so I let “her” have it at 75 meters, broadside, with a 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt. […]

The Captain Has Balls

Captain Nathan Cox USMC has a set, his opinion piece in today’s Washington-Post, takes the Commandant of the Marine Corps to task over DADT. When I was a Captain, I would not have been so bold. Agree or disagree with him, hats off to him for taking a bold stance.

“Showing Progress”?

The Afghanistan Strategic Review is out. I haven’t read it, and I’ve only skimmed the article I just linked to. If you have read it and formed an opinion, let fly. More to follow…

Obit from Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph has the obit of Havildar Lachhiman Gurung, a Gurkha, who won the Victoria Cross for actions against the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. Inspiring story about a soldier who served the Empire with dignity.