I didn't know it was open…

Islamists threaten to shut down Mogadishu airport

Breaking from the post-apocalyptic “nation” of Somalia:

MOGADISHU, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Somali Islamists have threatened to stop planes using Mogadishu’s main airport as part of an escalating insurgency rocking the Horn of Africa nation.

The hardline Islamist group Al Shabaab, which is fighting the Somali government and its Ethiopian military backers, said it would stop planes from landing after midnight on Tuesday.

“We banned all planes from Mogadishu after confirming that American spies, the African Union, Ethiopians and the infidel government troops use the airport,”said a statement in Somali on www.kataaib.net, one of several sites used by the militants.

Yes.. the fabled US/AU/Ethiopian alliance seeking to re-invade Somalia. Based on this statement, It looks like the only war being fought (and lost) in Somalia is the war on drugs…


  1. LtCol P says:

    I've been there– the difference between open and closed cannot be significant. And you could go there, you'd probably wish it was closed. Uggh. What a freaking toilet.

  2. Richard says:

    Makes one wonder.

    Seems we have a "local" problem to deal with as well. A state-side meat packing plant of a for now unnamed US title is dealing with an issue of recent "Somali demands" for religious adendems to their work schedule.