VMI-Citadel Connection

Once I graduated from VMI, I found that as I came across the occasional Citadel grad, we had a certain kinship. I mean, who else pays for the abuse we endure?

I ended up with a neighbor when I lived in Chesapeake, VA, who graduated from the Citadel. At some point in the mid-90’s we set up a standing bet on The Military Classic of the South. When we won that year (gawd, I don’t remember which one it was) the doorbell rang the next day and waiting for me was a case of Sam Adams. My neighbor was nowhere to be seen.

Well, this year, we had a little un-official wager with some of The Citadel bloggers out there (Skippy & Steeljaw Scribe) on the game. Obviously we came out with the short end of the stick, so I am going to hold up my end of the deal and post about a Citadel graduate of some notoriety.

Or at least some notoriety inside of VMI, specifically VMI athletics.

Mike Bozeman, BG (ret) USAR, The Citadel ’67, was hired as VMI’s track coach the month before I matriculated, July 1985.

I remember him because I tried out for track when I was a rat. I didn’t make it because I could not hang with long distance running. Coach Bozeman was very laid back, very understanding and very encouraging. I could have remained on as an equipment manager, but decided that the ratline was for me.

Since that, VMI won 12 conference championships under his tutelage. He also spent two years as the Commandant of Cadets.

To go back a little in his history, he spent a year in Viet Nam as a LRRP platoon leader and was awarded the Silver Star.

He made an impression on me early in my cadetship, and has been a mentor and coach to many VMI cadets since.

The VMI Keydet website has his complete bio.


  1. John says:

    Indeed it was a sad day for VMI men. On my kid bro's Ring Figure weekend, too. Insult to injury.

    My post coming soon, just have to find the reference in a book that I was reading.

    Good post btw. Bozeman's a good dude.

  2. Bull,

    Okay. In lieu of supplying your Citadel brethren a case of Sam Adams (or perhaps St. Pauli Girl or some other fine beer), you have written a post. Nice, but if I were the Citadel grad, I would be saying, "where is the beer?"

  3. Skippy-san says:

    Nice post. Now we can go back to poking fun at each other again.

    I have heard of this guy-I think the Citadel Alumni News did an article about him about 10 years or so ago.

    Come to Japan. I'll show you where the good bars are!

  4. Mike says:

    The current assistant men's soccer coach, Henry Ellis is a Citadel grad.