"Walked Out Carrying Our Shield, Not On It."

With a Hotel Tango to Michelle Malkin– to whom I am ever willing to tango my hotel– comes this outstanding post from Bill Ardolino about Marines and Iraqi Jundi foiling a suicide chlorine tank bomber in Fallujah. I’ll let you go read the whole thing, but I want to highlight a few passages: “As for the IAs, they proved themselves. The jundi did a great job and pretty much stopped the initial attack as the insurgents were trying to shoot/ram their way inside. The IA and IP [Iraqi Police] figured it out and opened up on them…” NOT, “the jundi […]

The Code of Conduct: Honor

First I saw a report that a Leading Seaman had written a letter admitting to crimes. Then I read Lex’s posts here and especially here and it all really got me thinking… I never gave much thought to most of the Code of Conduct for the first 15 years or so of my time in the Navy, except for Articles 1 and 6. That’s what being in the service is all about. But the ones in between, the ones dealing with being captured…no. Being on a submarine these days, you don’t much worry about capture, you just hope you go […]

Will America Turn Its Back My Sons?

Allow me to introduce you to Cathy Floyd. Mrs. Floyd is the mother of one of my childhood friends, and her family has been friends with mine for ove 15 years. One of her sons is a graduate of the Citadel, that little trade school down in Charleston that tries to imitate VMI. Following his graduation, he commissioned into the Army as an infantry officer, and served a tour in Iraq with the Mississippi National Guard’s 155 BCT. After his return, he was sent to the 82nd Airborne Division, where he expected to finish out his active duty commitment this […]

The .45 Turns 96

My Gunsite calendar tells me that tomorrow is the birthday of the M1911 .45 ACP pistol. In truth, I look upon the occasion more as the commissioning date for the pistol than the birthday, since it was on 29 March 1911– hence the nomenclature– that this magnificent weapon was adopted by the U.S. Army. (The Marines brought it on a few years later.) Six and one-half dozen; either way, the old warhorse is nearing the century mark and still going strong. (The Kimber Warrior, discussed below.)

Gun Day Monday: Shoot More, It's Your Patriotic Duty

Instead of directing you to my other blog– where I can vent on punks who richly deserve it and not sully this august forum— let’s do Gun Day Sunday (or rather, Monday) right here this week. If you’ve been following my other threads you’ll know that I’m interested in calling attention to, and promoting, the theory and practice of widespread civilian marksmanship, especially as it relates to preparing for defense of the nation. I believe that that neglected and misunderstood aspect of American life is one of the conrnerstones of our defense and needs to be reinvigorated. Today let’s take […]

Swiss F-18s on intercept

I got these pictures off of another military-related website. Enjoy. Here’s the e-mail from the guy who took the pictures: I took these pictures yesterday with my digital camera at 41,000′ feet over Switzerland heading down to Naples, Italy for some training. Since we are a military aircraft the foreign countries that have interceptor aircraft always ask if they can intercept us for training. We were asked by Switzerland if we could be intercepted by their jets for training and since we had no passengers we said of course. I always forget to take my camera, but not yesterday. Some […]

New Destroyer Named

While I have a problem with some of the naming conventions we have chosen for our ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers, and with some of the individual names chosen of late, I have never had a problem with naming a combatant after MOH or Navy Cross winners. Which is why I was happy to see this yesterday: You can read the whole article here. One team–the Navy-Marine Corps team. ADM Arleigh Burke said upon the commissioning of the lead ship of the class bearing his name, “This ship was built to fight. You better know how.” I think the crew […]

New Parachute to Replace T-10

I guess I’m the resident jumper on OPFOR. I certainly don’t hold a candle to the guys at Blackfive, but somebody’s got to do it over here. PEO Soldier is apparently testing the T-11 Advanced Tactical Parachute System as the replacement for the T-10D Troop Back Parachute. From January to October, XVIII Airborne Corps will make 3200 test jumps with the new parachute. The new system also includes the T-11R, a new reserve chute that will improve upon the Modified Improved Reserve Parachute System (MIRPS) currently in use. The current “dope on a rope” parachute system has been in use, […]

Britain Warned about the 3/23 Kidnapping?

British Intelligence chiefs were warned in January to expect reprisal attacks from Iran after America detained five suspected Iranian intelligence officers in Iraq.

The Right American Idols

From Sgt Hook, via our friends and colleagues at B5, cometh this outstanding link. I dare you to watch, listen, and still remain unmoved.